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Q: How does this affect my credit?

A: There are no credit requirements for our program. Contact a Payday Support representative for more information.

Q: Are there any guarantees?

A: We cannot guarantee any particular outcome with any client. However, we can and do promise to use our best efforts and experience to employ all of our skills and knowledge, to obtain the best possible outcome. We will act ethically at all times. We will remain in constant communication with you.

Q: Why haven't I heard about this before?

A: Unfortunately, most companies see too little profit in helping people. We have years and years of industry experience and will put this knowledge to work for you.

Q: Is this program like bankruptcy?

A: Absolutely not. Many people file for bankruptcy each year failing to realize they will be forced to deal with the harsh effects that will plague them for the rest of their lives. One must first be aware that bankruptcy does not fade away after 7-10 years. It simply drops from your credit report. The reality is almost all credit applications ask if you have ever filed bankruptcy, and to answer falsely may be illegal, depending on the type of application. Also, costly court and lawyer fees all accompany the process of filing for bankruptcy. Our program is different!

Q: How do I qualify for your program?

A: Do you have more payday loans than you can handle? Would you like professional help to break the cycle? If the answers are "Yes" then chances are you are already qualified.

Q: Can I cancel the program if I change my mind?

A: Our Program is 100% voluntary. You can contact us at any time and ask to terminate your program. If this happens, you will not owe any more fees.

Q: What are Validation Services?

A: Payday Support Center, LLC provides administrative services relating to the validation of certain consumer debts in connection with pay day loans. The following is a detailed description of services rendered:

PSC compiles publicly available information in a user-friendly format, provides information on securing consumer bank accounts from future debits by payday lenders, as well as, debt validation services and customer relations. All information that is provided to consumers is obtained from publicly available sources. PSC does not provide legal advice or debt negotiation services, and will refer consumers in need of legal advice or such services to qualified professionals.

To that end, PSC enters into agreements with consumers that specifically exclude renegotiation, settlement or altering the terms of any debt. Once a consumer has enrolled in PSC’s program, the consumer works with an account representative to develop a customized plan to assist the consumer in assessing their financial situation and amounts owed to pay day lenders. Thereafter, consumers receive publicly available information on how to file a Bank Assistance Letter seeking assistance from their bank in stopping recurring debits and drafts from their accounts to their pay day lenders. Generally, the debits are coming out of their accounts from unlicensed pay day lenders who are not in compliance with the regulations and licensing requirements of their respective states. The intent is to help these consumers to stop debits that are being taken by companies that not properly licensed to make loans and charge fees.

PSC will then work with the consumer to validate the amounts that the consumer’s pay day lender(s) allege are owed. At no time during this process does PSC negotiate the consumer’s debt or offer to consolidate or settle same; importantly at no time does PSC receive, hold, control or distribute any consumer funds to third_parties. Rather, this process involves PSC sending letters to various pay day lenders on the consumer’s behalf that request, among other things, information to verify the consumer has not overpaid their loans, has not paid an illegal or improper amount of interest in connection with said loans, and that the lenders are legally operating and licensed in the state and locations they serve.

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